SCD always employs talented people who have the right values and dream of challenges.

  • Adhere to basic

    The start of all work begins with faithfulness to the basics.

  • Creative talent

    We value people who always think and improve with problem consciousness.

  • Right Values

    We value people who know how to cooperate with the right thinking and clear subjective control.

  • Challenger

    A person who is not satisfied with the present and challenges a new one

  • R & D PART

    • Refrigerant Valve UNIT Part
    • Other refrigerators and washing machines UNIT Part
    • BLDC Motor Part
    • Synchronous Motor Part
    • Stepping Motor Part
  • Sales PART

    • Domestic Sales
    • International sales
  • Production and management PART

    • Production) quality control
    • Production) Purchasing, production management
    • Production) manufacturing management
    • Management) Personnel, secretary
    • Management) Information innovation
    • Management) Finance