SCD always employs talented people who have the right values
and dream of challenges.

Eligibility for employment

  • Qualification. 01Be creative, enterprising, and have a basic knowledge of your job.
  • Qualification. 02There is no restriction on academic background, career or gender, but there may be restrictions on the job.
  • Qualification. 03There must be no disqualification for overseas travel.

Recruitment procedure

  • Application form
  • Document review
    (Mail and online acceptance)
  • First interview
    (Working interview)
  • Second interview
    (Executive interview)
  • Final pass
  • 01. Document screening

    It is the process of basic qualification, and the first interviewee is selected considering the number of people to be hired.

  • 02.1 Interview (interview with a working group)

    The executive officer of the business unit conducts interviews and evaluates basic job competencies (job knowledge, job performance ability) and organizational adaptability.

  • 03.2 Interview (executive interview)

    The HR department supervises the interview, and the management reviews the competencies, personality, etc., and selects the final successful candidates.

Application form and contact information

  • 01. How to applyPlease fill out the application form and use the e-mail and post office
  • 02. Postal Reception(17118) Gyeonggi-do Population Center Namsa-myeon Brother No. 17 21 Eskido Personnel General Affairs Team
  • 3 E-mail Inquiries InquiriesSCD Personnel General Affairs Team Recruitment(