Salary and benefits

SCD respects the free creativity and diversity of its employees, and based on
this corporate culture, SCD strives to create better systems, such as
the development of professionalism for employees and the appropriate
compensation system to meet the needs of talent.

Pay compensation

Pay compensation
Pay system Annual salary system and hourly salary system are operated efficiently according to the organization members.
reward PS, PI system operation
In case of annual salary employee,

benefits systemWe are seeking to improve the quality of life for our employees by organizing welfare and welfare conferences and comprehensive benefits system.

Pension and insurance 4 major insurance (national pension, employment insurance, industrial accident insurance, health insurance), retirement pension
Closed / holiday Five-day work week, annual, regular holiday
Reward system Incentives, Long-Term Employee Recognition, Best Employee Recognition / Award
Health Care Support Health screenings
Support for stable living Support for student expenses
Support for life Lunch, dinner, work clothes, commuter bus service
Support for congratulatory address Various congratulations, congratulatory holiday, commemorative gift payment
Education Support Educational support
Allowance system Holiday allowance, yearly allowance allowance, long-term service allowance
Leisure support In-house club operation
In-house facilities In-house restaurant